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In the course of the meeting of the Legislation Committee, deputies supported the law-in-draft that strengthens the responsibility for non-fulfillment by parents of responsibilities for raising and maintaining children.


Deputies of the Committee on Enterprise Development considered during the meeting.


Deputies of the Committee on Public Associations support criminal punishment for those who encourage children to commit suicide.


Working week in the Parliament began with a meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance.


Legislations relating to road safety, transport infrastructure and licensing of certain types of activities were considered by deputies of the committee on agribusiness.


Deputies of the legislative committee supported the candidacy of Andrian Penkovsky for the post of chairman of the Supreme Court, proposed by the President.


Lively discussion was caused during the meeting of the relevant parliamentary committee by the legislative initiative of the deputy Oleg Vasilatiy to amend some of the norms of the basic law “On Education”.


The Committee on State Regional Policy at its meeting considered a number of legislations related to the housing sector.


In the course of the meeting of the Committee on Social Policy, deputies called for state regulation of the activities of those who provide employment services for PMR citizens abroad.


Deputies of the Legislation Committee considered amendments to the law "On Road Traffic" prepared for second reading.