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News of the Supreme Council


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky held a press conference.


A meeting with the delegation of the US Embassy in Moldova was held at the Supreme Council.


The Congress of Pridnestrovian Public Forum was held in the Palace of the Republic. The Speaker Alexander Shcherba took part in its work.


In the course of the meeting they talked about the need to solve the problem of joint border control of Ukraine and Moldova at the border crossing point "Kuchurgan".


The Parliamentary Press Service prepared regular issue of information and analytical program "The Deputy Hour" for the air.


Members of the Youth Parliament discussed the draft appeal to colleagues - young parliamentarians of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra

News of the Committees


The main parliamentary committee supported several legislations aimed at developing the transport industry.


Declination of children and adolescents to suicide will be criminally punishable.


Deputies of the Committee on Development of Entrepreneurship supported the law-in-draft, designed to improve the system of cash settlement.


Members of the parliamentary committee on education are convinced is necessary to prepare for the admission campaign in advance.


These and other issues were discussed by the Committee on Social Policy.


This is the main goal of the law-in-draft, supported by the parliamentarians of the committee on agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, natural resources and ecology.


It is necessary at all levels. The legislative initiative of the deputies of the profile committee has to help.

Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

ЩЕРБА  Александр Сергеевич

The Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Shcherba summed up the legislative process in 2016 and congratulated Pridnestrovians on New Year.

All of us, representatives of public authorities, civil society is necessary to do everything possible for PMR is harmoniously developing, really socially oriented and recognized state.


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The Deputy Tribune

The issues related to the employment of citizens, provision of social benefits and guarantees pensions need to be addressed. Activity of each deputy and the whole Supreme Council is directed to addressing these and other relevant tasks assigned by voters. I hope that together in the future we can overcome all difficulties and find ways to solve problems.