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Dreams of Bendery residents also came true with the arrival of spring. Their Palace of Culture named after Pavel Tkachenko was repaired. The grand opening was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the PMR Alexander Korshunov and the Head of the State Administration of Bendery Roman Ivanchenko.


The structure of the Government was approved by the Decree of the Supreme Council of the PMSSR on the 5th of March, 1991. The Department of Internal Affairs of the PMSSR was introduced into its structure. The Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov took part in the jubilee events.


Regular edition of the Deputy Hour program is on the air.


The Supreme Council on the 5th of March, 1991 adopted laws on the formation of republican governing bodies and on the status of the Chairman of the PMSSR. The structure of government bodies - the Government of the PMSSR - was approved. The law "On the Government of the PMSSR" was adopted by the Supreme Council on the 26th of March. The formation of executive governing bodies began from that day.


The Supreme Council adopted amendments to the law "On purchases in the PMR" in two readings.


The Supreme Council in the first reading adopted amendments and additions to a number of legislative acts. They relate to electronic document management, namely the provision of financial, tax and statistical reporting in digital format.


Amendments to the law "On auto-roads" were adopted by the Parliament in the final reading. The new norm of the law more clearly delineates the authority to issue permits for the construction and reconstruction of roads.


Deputies adopted in two readings at once amendments to the law "On some additional state measures aimed at minimizing the negative impact of external economic factors" that extend the application of the construction amnesty until the end of 2022.

News of the Committees


The Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare considered IN the first reading the law-in-draft “On approval of the state target program “Prevention of viral hepatitis B and C in the PMR for 2021–2025”.


The Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance considered the law-in-draft with amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the PMR in the first reading.


The Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance considered law-in-draft with amendments to the law "On measures of state support in connection with the introduction of state of emergency and restrictive measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection caused by a new type of COVID-19 virus in 2020 and 2021".


The Legislation Committee considered a number of legislations that are being prepared for consideration in the first reading at the plenary session.


The Committee on Social Policy and Health considered a number of legislations related to state support for young professionals in the acquisition of housing and provision of benefits for military personnel who are donors.


The Committee on Legislation considered law-in-draft allowing courts to issue executive documents in electronic form. Moreover, it must be signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature.


State control and supervision bodies will be able to carry out unscheduled inspections based on applications submitted in electronic form. Amendments to some legislative acts were considered by the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Information and Youth Policy.


The Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Public Associations, Sports, Information and Youth Policy considered legislations that will legislatively regulate the work of the Olympic Reserve School.

Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

КОРШУНОВ Александр Викторович

The Supreme Council and the Government in the sphere of social policy within the limits set in the 2021 budget will have to develop a mechanism for a phased increase in salaries and pensions. 160 million rubles was reserved, and within these limits we must develop a mechanism for increasing. A working group has already been created for this with representatives of the Supreme Council and the Government.


The Deputy Tribune

Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council for constituency number 10 Vladimir Pelin spoke about the work done over five years in the constituency and in the Committee on Social Policy. The interview was published by the "Pridnestrovie" republican newspaper.