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The mass event "St. George's Ribbon" started in Pridnestrovie. Participants in Tiraspol were the deputies of the Supreme Council.


Winners of the International Competition among graduates of schools for foreign countries, which is conducted by the Moscow Finance University will have that.


There was a presentation of the Suvorov Military School, which will begin work on the 1st of September this year in Tiraspol.


The information picture of the parliamentary week is presented in the regular issue of "The Deputy Hour" program.


"The Parliamentary Newspaper" writes, Parliamentarians propose to systematize legislation on combating bribery


Anton Onufrienko congratulated the resident of the “Silk” District former prisoner of the fascist camps Maria Iontseva on her 85th birthday.


Chairman of the profile committee Mikhail Burla took part in the scientific and practical conference dedicated to the preservation of cultural and historical values.


Its organizer was the deputy of the Supreme Council Pavel Shinkaryuk.

News of the Committees


The profile committee considered the issue of the right to drive cars from the age of 16, as well as the proposal to return tax payments of peasant farms.


Regular meeting of the parliamentary committee on agro-industrial complex issues was held.


The football tournament once known in the Soviet Union is planned to be held among Pridnestrovian students.


The corresponding, developed by Vadim Krasnoselsky, was supported by responsible parliamentary committee.


The Committee on Legislation recommended his candidacy for appointment by the Supreme Council.


The corresponding law-in-draft was considered in the second reading.


The head of profile parliamentary committee Galina Antyufeeva presided at the first meeting of the working group on amending the law "On the Prosecutor's Office".


Expert-advisory council on culture started working under the profile parliamentary committee.

Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

ЩЕРБА  Александр Сергеевич

The Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Shcherba summed up the legislative process in 2016 and congratulated Pridnestrovians on New Year.

All of us, representatives of public authorities, civil society is necessary to do everything possible for PMR is harmoniously developing, really socially oriented and recognized state.


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The Deputy Tribune

We discussed most of the current legislations, together with members of the Government, at the preliminary stage of their consideration. This brings positive results. Such an order allows us to solve problems that our voters are setting before us.