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Development and support of this sphere is a priority in Pridnestrovie. That is why the state program to support and develop entrepreneurship has been operating in the republic for several years. The new state program adopted by the Supreme Council is until 2027.


Decisions of the Parliament this week, what issues the Rybnitsa deputies discussed with the President, the introduction of tax on improvement for the townspeople and the last bell in schools. You can learn about this and more from the new issue of "The Deputy Hour" program.


The Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Korshunov congratulated entrepreneurs, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses of the PMR on their professional holiday.


The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky today visited Kamenka district and held an extended meeting with the heads of the district and villages, deputies of all levels and members of the public. The discussion was attended by the Parliament Deputy of the constituency No.12 "Kamenka" Valery Babchinetsky.


What is a landscaping fee and where did the line with the new tax appear in utility bills. For what and why? These issues have been discussed in the last week on the Internet, in public and on the streets of Pridnestrovian cities. Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Korshunov commented on the changes in tax legislation.

Last Bells were made today in all schools of the republic. The PMR Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Korshunov was invited to Bendery Secondary School No.16 to congratulate the graduates and those who will return to the classroom after the summer holidays.


The PMR Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Korshunov at the plenary session presented to his colleagues a report on the activities of the Parliament and its structural divisions in 2022.


The report of the PMR Accounts Chamber for 2022 was presented to the meeting of the deputies in the course of the plenary. It was presented by the PMR Accounts Chamber Chairman Svetlana Izmesteva.

News of the Committees


Parliamentarians Viktor Guzun and Vadym Kravchuk prepared a number of amendments and additions that will eliminate the ambiguous understanding of certain norms of the law after the Government's request for interpretation of the norms of the law "On Personal Income Tax".


The Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance, in preparation for the first reading today considered amendments and additions to the law on the budget for 2023, which are supposed to increase public spending on certain items.


When considering the legislative initiatives of the PMR Prosecutor, the deputies discussed the question of whether it is necessary to introduce responsibility for the transfer of driving to a person without a driver's license.


What textbooks were printed and purchased last year at the expense of the state budget. This was announced to the deputies of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Public Associations and Mass Media by the Minister of Education Svetlana Ivanishina. She presented a report on the implementation of the State Target Program “Textbook” for 2022-2026” in in 2022.


The deputies of the Committee on Legislation, Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens considered the law-in-draft of the President on strengthening the administrative responsibility for an unfastened seatbelt.


Parliamentarians discussed at a meeting of the Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex, Industry, Transport, Construction and Natural Resources the amendments and additions to the Land and Civil Codes, the state program for the development of the agro-industrial complex for 2019-2026 and some other issues.


Dormitories can be used as temporary housing for orphans who have reached the age of majority and children left without parental care. The Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Housing and Public Utilities prepared at the meeting the amendments to the PMR Housing Code for the second reading.


A number of issues submitted for discussion at the plenary session was considered by deputies of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance at the meeting. Thus, the Committee prepared a response to the request of the PMR Prosecutor on the interpretation of a part of the law on commercial secrets, and considered amendments and additions to the PMR Law “On denationalization and privatization”.

Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

КОРШУНОВ Александр Викторович

The PMR Supreme Council has many plans for 2023. Starting from international activities, the development of inter-parliamentary relations and ending with the decision to support and develop the real sector of the economy, investment policy and improve the welfare of citizens in terms of increasing social benefits. It is important to understand that simply declaring a decision is not enough, it is necessary to find financial support for the implementation of this or that decision.