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Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council for constituency number 10 Vladimir Pelin spoke about the work done over five years in the constituency and in the Committee on Social Policy. The interview was published by the "Pridnestrovie" republican newspaper.

ПЕЛИН Владимир Дмитриевич

Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic of the constituency number 12 "Severny" gave an interview to "The Pridnestrovie" newspaper. Oleg Bayev spoke about the problems of the district, the help of the "Lions Club", the situation in the agro-industrial complex and legislative activity.

БАЕВ Олег Маркович

Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council in electoral district number 36 Ilona Tyuryaeva told about the legislative activity and public work of the deputy, about hobbies, personal life and how to do everything in an interview with “The Pridnestrovie” newspaper.

ТЮРЯЕВА Илона Петровна

Deputy of the Supreme Council Andrei Mezhinsky, general director of Tirotex textile company talks about the current state of affairs in the light industry, what trials the company is going through today and what changes await industrialists in the future.

МЕЖИНСКИЙ Андрей Викторович

Deputies of the Obnovlenie (Renewal) faction at the autumn session considered legislative support for solving the tasks that the President set before the state authorities from the parliamentary tribune with the message. The document outlines the key tasks that we must implement this and next year.

ПАСАТ Петр Семенович

Deputy in a country where there is little money in the budget, and there are plenty of problems in the economy, the social sphere, the road industry, education and other areas - it is a catcher of popular sentiment and a coordinator of assistance to voters. In each case - his constituency. The work of a deputy cannot be successful without feedback from voters.

САФОНОВ Андрей Михайлович

Products of light industry enterprises, where about 8 thousand workers and specialists work today, are exported to more than 30 countries of the world, and the total income from tax deductions to budget and extra-budgetary funds from light industry enterprises is about $ 15 million per year.

МЕЖИНСКИЙ Андрей Викторович

A common thread in the adopted program is to provide the population with food, the use of the mechanism of import substitution. We should not depend on food imports, on external factors of a negative nature. All of this is spelled out in the program, including the identification of priority sectors, as well as incentives for their development. The program is multifaceted and does not speak only about the development of agriculture, it also affects the development of the village, social infrastructure, rural tourism.

ПИСАРЕНКО Сергей Андреевич

Positive response from the Russian colleagues was found by the proposal of Speaker Alexander Korshunov to sign memorandums of cooperation between the relevant committees of the State Duma and the Supreme Council. We agreed to work further in this direction.

We also voiced a proposal to use Pridnestrovie as an investment platform in the framework of the dialogue with our Russian colleagues.

ВАСИЛАТИЙ Олег Валерьевич

Deputies of the Supreme and local Councils should have the authority and resources to carry out the orders of voters. This is prescribed by the law "On the orders of voters". There are a lot of objects that need improvement, current and capital repairs, and landscaping at each constituency. Problems wate for solution.

ДЬЯЧЕНКО Григорий Иванович
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