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The Committee on Social Policy considered a law-in-draft of the Government that will allow replacing the issuance of school supplies for children from large families with a cash payment.


Parliamentarians discussed at a regular meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance what support the state will provide to enterprises providing information and computing services. As well as small-scale privatization facilities included in the list for 2023-2024.


Work on the law-in-draft on the budget for 2023 continues in the PMR Supreme Council. In preparation for the plenary session, which will be held next Wednesday, the relevant parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance discussed the proposed amendments to the document.


Regular meeting of the Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Housing and Public Utilities took place. The parliamentarians considered amendments to the PMR Civil and Housing Codes, as well as amendments to the PMR Law "On local authorities, local self-government and state administration in the PMR".


Deputies discussed amendments and additions to the laws "On Education", "On Volunteering" and "On the Education of Persons with special needs (Special Education)".


The Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance considered law-in-draft on the republican budget for 2023 in the first reading.


Regular meeting of the Committee on Agroindustrial Complex, Industry, Transport, Construction and Natural Resources was held in the Supreme Council. The parliamentarians considered a number of legislations that provide for changes to the Land and Civil Codes, as well as changes to the Law of the PMR "On Certification of Products and Services", prepared by the Chairman of the Committee Oleg Leontiev.


The Committee on Legislation discussed the Prosecutor's law-in-draft that increases the liability for drunk driving of drivers who already have a criminal record for it. Amendments have been prepared for the second reading.


Deputies at the Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Housing and Public Utilities meeting discussed amendments to the law-in-draft that will allow local authorities not to publish the text of their decisions in local newspapers in full.


They want to increase the number of magnetic resonance imaging services scheduled for this year. Changes are being made to the republican budget-2022 for this. The law-in-draft on the allocation of additional funds was considered by the Committee on Social Policy and Health.