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The Committee on Legislation discussed law-in-draft regulating relations in the sphere of conscription and military service.


More than two thousand cultural heritage sites will be included in a special register. The law-in-draft was considered in the second reading at the meeting of the relevant committee.


Members of the Committee on Legislation reviewed the proposal of parliamentarians to reduce the number of deputies in the republic.


Deputies of the Committee for Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry discussed law-in-draft developed in connection with the entry into force of new tax regimes.


Deputies of the Committee on Education returned to discuss the issue of compulsory training of state-graduates.


The Deputy Anton Onufrienko suggested. Changes to the Housing Code were discussed in the course of the meeting of the relevant committee.


legislations concerning OSAGO and development of the agrarian sector are recommended by deputies of the Committee on AIC.


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy discussed amendments to the law “On burial and funeral business”.


The idea of ​​getting legal advice in the republic on a gratuitous basis for socially unprotected layers of the population was discussed during the meeting of the working group of the Committee on Legislation.


Deputies of the committee on legislation held working meeting concerning the registration of citizens at the place of their stay and residence within the PMR.