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Deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry discussed the draft concept of fiscal and tax policy.


Working meeting was held under the auspices of the Committee on Development of Entrepreneurship to finalize the law-in-draft "On Public Procurement in Pridnestrovie".


The mechanism is prescribed in the law-in-draft, developed by parliamentarian Oleg Vasilaty. Legislative initiative was supported by the deputies of the profile committee.


Transfer of the terms of payment of taxes for farmers, the establishment of a new subcategory for vehicle owners, changes in the law " OSAGO" – these are issues considered by the deputies of the profile committee.


The work on the legislative regulation of the work of the public services portal continues. The profile committee supported the law-in-draft in the second reading.


Deputies of the profile committee supported the norm, concerning additional admission of citizens for education on unclaimed budget places.


A meeting of the working group on the law "On Administrative Supervision of Persons who have been liberated from Prisons" was held.


Subscription fee for maintenance of water meters will be included in the state tariffs. Legislative initiatives of parliamentarian Oleg Vasilaty supported in the profile committee


The state services portal will operate in the republic. Documents can be received in electronic form. The law-in-draft was supported by the deputies of the Committee on Entrepreneurship.


The deputies of the profile committee heard reports on the work of the editors-in-chief of state media last year.