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Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

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We are a social state, and it is necessary to improve the standard of living of our citizens, despite the difficulties with the budget. We have certain shortfalls in the revenue side of the budget. This is due to the pandemic and the global economy. The state bears the costs of treating patients and supporting physicians. Additional costs are associated with the restoration of the agro-industrial complex and the fight against the pandemic.


The Supreme Council and the Government in the sphere of social policy within the limits set in the 2021 budget will have to develop a mechanism for a phased increase in salaries and pensions. 160 million rubles was reserved, and within these limits we must develop a mechanism for increasing. A working group has already been created for this with representatives of the Supreme Council and the Government.


We have increased the volume of social obligations over the past 3-4 years, while maintaining the obligations of previous years. This volume is measured in hundreds of millions. Social obligations need to be financed further. To do everything so, that the revenue side of the budget only increases. It is important for this to work together and adopt the necessary laws for development of the real sector of the economy and the budget. 


Now in the state of emergency many citizens and businesses are in a difficult situation. Some have suspended their activities, others have reduced their working hours. Therefore, the state needed to make certain decisions to support citizens, business entities and manufacturing enterprises.


We discussed establishment of interaction between our legislative bodies during the dialogue with the head of the Legislative Assembly of the Belgorod Region. We are observing positive dynamics in the development of our relations, readiness for cooperation at the level of both parliamentary committees and specialists of the legislative bodies of the parties. This suggests that we can count on legal support.


We have been planning the work of state authorities and administrations on the principle of program-oriented orientation over the past three years. In practice, this is as follows. Targets are set. Programs are formed for targets, programs are sought for financial resources depending on the volume and implementation of a particular state program or budget fund.


We are expecting the draft budget for 2020 to the Supreme Council in a few days’ time. The law-in-draft is not easy. The task is to adopt the budget that is balanced by socially protected items so that pensions and salaries of state employees are paid on time and in full. Deputies will have to decide on the directions and volumes of financing targeted state programs.


On the peculiarities of the republican budget-2019, development of tourism, support for youth and agricultural sector 


The speaker of the parliament told the first Pridnestrovian deputies about the activities of the current composition of the legislature and plans for legislative work for the current year.


The tasks are defined before the deputies. They have all the opportunities for the development of our country. We must make informed and correct management decisions to do this. An important message is the consolidation of all bodies of state administration, bodies of local self-government and public society.

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