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Deputies considered the issue relating to the payment of allowances for academic degrees (titles) in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Education.


Deputies of the Committee on agriculture issues supported the proposal to allocate funds from the Environmental Fund for the purchase of equipment for the export of solid waste.


Meeting of the Committee on Economy was held.


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy considered a number of relevant legislations.


Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture called for clarifying a number of norms of the current legislation in the sphere of higher vocational education.


The meeting of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry was held.


They discussed free legal assistance, regulation of the number of homeless animals, construction of facilities near residential buildings and a number of other issues.


deputies of the Committee on Social Policy spoke about protection of public health


Members of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture spoke in favor of the preservation of immovable cultural heritage sites of the republic.


Deputies of the Committee supported proposals of the Government to support the sewing enterprises of the republic.