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The state will continue to support schoolchildren and pupils of educational institutions who have the right to subsidized meals, but do not receive it due to non-working canteens. The Committee on Social Policy considered amendments to the law on state support during the period of restrictive measures.


This is the opinion of the deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture. The amendments to the Law "On Culture" have been prepared for adoption in the final reading.


The Supreme Council is considering the State program for geological exploration, protection of mineral resources and reproduction of the mineral resource base.


The City Council of Bendery proposed at the legislative level to expand the list of activities for which funds from territorial environmental funds can be directed.


Dikul is the name of the State Wildlife Complex, which will appear in Pridnestrovie. Legally, the creation of the reserve was initiated by the Pridnestrovian State University. All issues were discussed at the Agro-Industrial Complex Committee.


The interests of voters in parliament will be represented by 33 deputies in the VII convocation of the Supreme Council. The current deputy corps is working on adjusting the existing norms related to the activities of the Supreme Council.


The Committee for State Regional Policy has considered a number of legislations that relate to the housing and communal sector.


Law-in-draft defining the procedure for enforcement of administrative punishment decisions by bailiffs was considered by Deputies in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Legislation.


Deputies considered legislations that will be included in the agenda of the next plenary sessions in the course of online meeting of the Supreme Council Committee on Social Policy. One of them is aimed at supporting retirees.


The Supreme Council Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance has considered a number of legislations that are planned to be included in the agenda of the next plenary sessions.