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The Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance considered amendments to the law on the republican budget 2020. The law-in-draft was developed to maintain a balanced budget for socially protected items.


One of the legislations that the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry considered at its meeting related to social support for children with disabilities.


Deputies of the Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping Activities, Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens considered a number of legislations.


Deputies of the Education Committee supported the adoption in two readings of the law-in-draft that allows setting the teaching load at two rates. The author of the initiative is the Supreme Council Deputy Vadim Levitsky.


Deputies at the meeting of the Committee on Legislation prepared for consideration in the second reading a law-in-draft on introduction of administrative responsibility for the use of telephones while driving.


Deputies of the Committee on Legislation considered law-in-draft relating to the remote holding of criminal proceedings. Parliamentarians were provided with information on the work of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the PMR and the PMR Prosecutor's Office for 2019.


Deputies of the Committee for Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry discussed today new opportunities for individual entrepreneurs.


Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture after a long break held a meeting. Legislative initiatives that relate to large families, dual education and teacher nutrition are included to the agenda.


The Committee on State Regional Policy considered a number of changes and amendments to the PMR Housing Code in the second reading.


Meeting of the Committee on Agriculture, Transport, Construction, Natural Resources and Ecology was held.

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