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A resident of Tiraspol Nadezhda Manserova turned 104. The long-liver and veteran of the Great Patriotic War was congratulated by the Deputy Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council Galina Antyufeyeva.


The Presidium of the Supreme Council voted for proposal to declare 2021 in Pridnestrovie as the Year of Youth today at an online meeting. The initiative of the parliament will be sent to the PMR President.


A new artesian well was drilled for the residents of the village of Kremenchug. Now the homes will have clean drinking water. With the assistance of Viktor Guzun, deputy of the PMR Supreme Council of constituency No. 43 "Vostochny", this object was included in the investment program of "Vodokanal" (water service company).


Deputy of the Supreme Council Oleg Petrik helped to solve the problem of centralized drinking water supply for three hundred houses in the private sector of the Borisovka microdistrict of Bendery.


A new playground was built in the village of Giska. The money was allocated from the Voter Mandate Fund on the initiative of the deputy of the Supreme Council for constituency No. 8 Anton Onufrienko.


Reception of citizens was held by Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council in constituency No. 5 Pushkinsky Oleg Belyakov. Many issues with voters are resolved online and through various messengers, but personal communication cannot replace anything.


Deputy of the Supreme Council for the Borisovskiy constituency Oleg Petrik held a reporting meeting with the chairmen of the district's house committees.


Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov congratulated employees of the Investigative Committee on the 8th anniversary of the establishment of the department.


Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Korshunov congratulated workers of the machine-building, metal-working and electrical industries of Pridnestrovie on their professional holiday.


Deputy of the Supreme Council for the Zapadny electoral district Galina Antyufeyeva and deputies of the Capital City Council are completing work on fulfilling the orders of voters.

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