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The first meeting of the Committee on Public Associations took place in the autumn session.


This will direct the savings under "The Textbook" state program. The legislative initiative was supported by the relevant committee.


The Committee on Legislation considered proposed by parliamentarian Galina Antyufeyeva amendment to the Criminal Code.


Self-employed will be added to employees, working on patent or simplified taxation systems. Amendments to the legislations, regulating the taxation of individual entrepreneurs were considered in the profile committee.


The Legislative Committee held a meeting of the working group on the proposed amendments to the Administrative Code.


Deputies of the Committee on Political Affairs are discussing issues of payment for the use and maintenance of elevators.


as one of the conditions for the rational use and protection of land. Amendments to the norms of the Land Code were discussed in the profile committee.


The Committee on Social Policy considered the requests of the Prosecutor of the Republic on the interpretation of the norms of certain laws.


The Committee on Education, Science and Culture considered a number of new legislative initiatives.


The first meeting of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry was held in the parliamentary season.