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Meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance was held online. The deputies considered a number of legislations that are being prepared for discussion in the course of the plenary session.


Amendments to the law "On Education" and "On the Status of Servicemen" were considered by deputies of the relevant committee.


The deputies of the Committee on Legislation supported the amendments initiated by the PMR Prosecutor, obliging the heads of public authorities and administration, local self-government to personally get acquainted with the appeals received from citizens.


Meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance was held. There are 12 items on the agenda.


The Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Housing and Public Utilities supported the law-in-draft simplifying the procedure for publishing annexes to legal acts of local Councils of People's Deputies.


The first meeting of the Committee on Social Policy and Health in the new year was held online. There are 15 legislations of social orientation in the field of healthcare and labor on the agenda.


Starting individual entrepreneurs will be able to get a preferential loan if they intend to conduct their business in priority areas for the state. The Economic Policy Committee considered amendments to the legislation in the first reading.


The Committee on Legislation, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms held a meeting in the course of which a number of legislative initiatives were considered, prepared for consideration at the plenary session in the first and second readings.


The Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance held a meeting. The main issue on the agenda was the draft budget for 2022, which was considered in the second reading.


The Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government, Housing and Communal Services considered amendments to the PMR Housing Code in the first reading.