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developed by Galina Antyufeeva and supported by a profile parliamentary committee law-in-draft.


Deputies of the profile parliamentary committee amended the law "On Physical Culture and Sport in Pridnestrovie".


Deputies of the Committee on Public Associations completed work on legislations "On the Public Chamber of PMR" and "On the Basics of Public Control in Pridnestrovie".


Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy discussed the issues of pension provision and the provision of benefits.


The parliamentary committee on agro-industrial complex issues approved legislative initiatives of the Government to stimulate the construction industry and agricultural producers.


The Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture supported the adoption of the state register of immovable cultural heritage sites.


The working week in the parliament ended with a meeting of the committee on legislation.


The law-in-draft with this essence is supported by the parliamentarians of the committee for the development of entrepreneurship.


The Parliamentary Committee on State Regional Policy supported the introduction of amendments to the law regulating the activities of local authorities.


Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy supported amendment of parliamentarian Igor Buga in the law on introducing amendments to the law "On the Republican Budget 2017". It expanded the list of recipients of special loans.