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A number of peasant (farm) enterprise since January 1 in connection with the new rules for the taxation of individual entrepreneurs passed into the status of legal entities. The due benefits for former peasant farms should be preserved according to the deputies of the Committee on Agroindustrial Complex Issues.


The deputies discussed the changes to the Housing Code proposed by the PMR Government at the first meeting of the Committee on Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Housing and Utilities in 2023.


The first meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance took place. The deputies discussed a number of important issues including the legislative initiatives of the PMR President on amending the law on the budget for 2023 that are aimed at resolving the issues of paying wages to employees of construction organizations employed at facilities financed from the budget, and paying a unified social tax, as well as extending state of emergency in the country.


Deputies of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Policy and International Relations discussed the profile law-in-draft on amendments to the Criminal Code of Moldova that was adopted by the Moldavian Parliament in the first reading. The Pridnestrovian deputies were interested in how the new measures would affect the citizens of Pridnestrovie and how to protect the rights and interests of our republic inhabitants.


The Committee on Education, Public Associations and Mass Media held a regular meeting in the course of which the deputies considered a number of initiatives and amendments to laws.


The Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Finance continues to work on incoming legislations. The parliamentarians at today's meeting discussed amendments to the laws on the extension of tax preferences for 2023 by organizations providing information and computing services.


Work on the law-in-draft on the budget-2023 is being completed


The Committee on Social Policy and Health considered law-in-draft on the possibility for war invalids to apply for dental prosthetics with the use of ceramic-metal and discussed the issue of the implementation of labor laws in subordinate institutions of the Ministry of Health.


Regular meeting of the Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex, Industry, Transport, Construction and Natural Resources was held. Amendments and additions to the laws "On Fishing and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources" and "On the PMR Road Fund" were discussed by. deputies


The legislations, two of which are aimed at improving the situation of convicts were discussed at the meeting by the Committee on Legislation, Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens. Amendments to the second reading were considered.