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Deputies of the Committee on Regional Policy and Housing and Public Utilities initiated additions to the law "On Enforcement Proceedings" that will encourage citizens to pay for utilities. The amendments were considered today at the meeting of the Committee.


Deputies of the Committee on Legislation proposed to improve the activities of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the PMR as well as his interaction with state authorities.


Meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance took place today. Among the main issues there are changes and additions to the laws on self-employed persons, patent and simplified taxation systems, as well as an initiative to reduce income tax for those who are attracted by agricultural enterprises for seasonal work.


Meeting of the Committee on Education, Public Associations and Mass Media was held in the PMR Supreme Council. Parliamentarians considered changes to a number of laws and approved reports on the implementation of state programs.


Deputies of the Committee on Regional Policy supported the law-in-draft, adoption of which will allow citizens to privatize housing provided to them for partial improvement of living conditions.


Deputies in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Regional Policy considered new amendments to the law "On drinking water supply in the PMR". The changes are aimed at giving citizens the right to unilaterally terminate the contract for the subscription service of the water meter.


Law-in-draft that was sent to the Supreme Council by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky was considered today by the deputies of the Committee on Social Policy, Health Care, Labor, Family and Childhood Issues in the mode of legislative necessity. The President proposes to compensate Pridnestrovian pensioners who receive Russian pensions for financial losses due to the difference in exchange rates.


The deputies of the Committee on Legislation discussed issues related to the provision of social guarantees to military personnel, the appointment of the Commissioner for Human Rights and the extension of quarantine measures.


The Supreme Council continues to work on the state target program to provide housing for defenders of Pridnestrovie. It is designed for 10 years. The Committee on Social Policy prepares the document for the second reading for consideration at the plenary session.


Deputies of the Committee on Legislation, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms heard reports on the work of the PMR Prosecutor's Office, the Supreme Court and the Arbitration Court over the past year.