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Direct Speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council

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Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the government, the fact that they listen to the opinion of citizens and public organizations, we managed to preserve and to multiply, the unity that is the basis of our independence. Manifested during the formation of the republic unity, allowed us to resist armed aggression. We still have much to do together. We are ready to work, put all our efforts on the altar of the common main thing - the development of our state.


Russia played a special role in the formation of our fraternal states. Russia for all of us is a friend, partner and guarantor of peace. In today's world, Russia is a guarantor country, a peacemaker country. All, even our unfriends, recognize that Russia's peacekeeping operation on the banks of the Dniester is the most successful in the whole history.


The Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Shcherba summed up the legislative process in 2016 and congratulated Pridnestrovians on New Year.

All of us, representatives of public authorities, civil society is necessary to do everything possible for PMR is harmoniously developing, really socially oriented and recognized state.

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