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We discussed most of the current legislations, together with members of the Government, at the preliminary stage of their consideration. This brings positive results. Such an order allows us to solve problems that our voters are setting before us.

ПАСАТ Петр Семенович

Legislations in the sphere of migration policy are necessary and important for citizens; they protect their rights and freedoms. The main task of legislators is to simplify all existing bureaucratic procedures, create favorable conditions for our citizens, for foreigners arriving in our republic, to make Pridnestrovie attractive.

АНТЮФЕЕВА Галина Михайловна

The issues related to the employment of citizens, provision of social benefits and guarantees pensions need to be addressed. Activity of each deputy and the whole Supreme Council is directed to addressing these and other relevant tasks assigned by voters. I hope that together in the future we can overcome all difficulties and find ways to solve problems.

БЕЛЯКОВ Олег Леонидович

Unusual situations, the critical need to take emergency measures to support production, primarily export-oriented, earning for the country currency. To save the enterprise - means to create jobs, to return our people from outside the republic.

КОРШУНОВ Александр Викторович
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