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Completely new law "On public procurement in Pridnestrovie" was initiated by Deputies of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) faction. The basis of this law was the Russian experience on economical and transparent spending of budget funds in the sphere of public procurement, taking into account the specifics of our republic.

ПАСАТ Петр Семенович

The dialogue between state structures and public organizations representing the interests of entrepreneurs continues at all difficult moments. Only a joint search for solutions to various issues will allow business to develop, and the state to control this sphere of ​​activity.

ДОНИ Вадим Михайлович

It is very important to create for law-abiding legal entities such conditions under which the implementation of their entrepreneurial activity would be as convenient and comfortable as possible, without regard for the careless official, who suddenly and "for some unknown reason" decided to "very diligently" check this or that organization. I am sure that by creating such conditions, we will in the near future gain business activity and, as a result, increase a number of legal entities that carry out entrepreneurial activities.

КОРШУНОВ Александр Викторович

The PMR since 1990has taken a decisive course to build and strengthen a social state, in which the market economy combined with social protection of citizens. There were mistakes and wrong decisions, but in general this course was maintained. If pensions and salaries were raised, albeit not much, but for everyone! If there was no such opportunity, then again everything was equal. People saw and understood this.

САФОНОВ Андрей Михайлович

The legal framework for attracting investors to the republic has been created. It does not mean that we should stop here. It is important to turn the provisions of investment laws into a practical plane, to begin its implementation. The adoption of investment laws only does not solve the complex problem of attracting investments to the economy of Pridnestrovie.

ДОНИ Вадим Михайлович

Transparency and openness are a key factor in the effectiveness of purchases, therefore, information transparency at all stages of procurement activities the special attention is given in the law-in-draft.

The proposed changes are based on the contract system and are formed on the basis of the operation of market mechanisms, the interaction of the state and the business community. The result of this should be an effective and stable provision of public needs in a limited budget.

КРАВЧУК Вадим Викторович

Sometimes people ask me: whether Russia leaves Pridnestrovians or not? But can a mother leave her children? Russia put an end to the fratricidal war of 1992, extended a helping hand to us during attempts to strangle Pridnestrovie  with blockades. It happened, in the centuries-old history made mistakes, but never betrayed.

АНТЮФЕЕВА Галина Михайловна

I convey words of gratitude from the inhabitants of the Rybnitsa streets of Kievskaya and Zhdanov to Vadim Nikolayevich for his contribution to the solution of their long-standing problem. The format of meetings with deputies of the Supreme Council was elected by the President from each district and city confirmed its legal capacity. Solving specific issues of Pridnestrovians, the President inspires confidence in them in the future.

КАЛИН Виталий Иванович

The devaluation of the national currency is a forced and necessary measure to preserve our industrial enterprises, whose products are export-oriented. This allowed us to increase production capacity and, most importantly, to preserve jobs. But the devaluation led to an increase in prices, which reduced the real incomes of citizens.

КРАВЧУК Вадим Викторович

Perhaps the interaction of the two competing projects - the European and Eurasian integration models - would be another topic for an expanded dialogue, the possibility of excluding a new confrontation in the zone of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict, using the potential for restoring interregional economic ties, creating platforms for political cooperation between major international actors , first of all Russia and Europe.

АНТЮФЕЕВА Галина Михайловна