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Today is an important day for the graduates of the Republican Cadet Corps named after His Highness Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavrichesky. Young cadets were awarded certificates and badges by the Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the PMR Ruslan Mova and the first President of the PMR Igor Smirnov.


The Supreme Council Chairman congratulated workers and veterans of light industry on their professional holiday.


"The Most Beautiful Country". A photo exhibition with this name opened today in the exhibition hall of the Catherine Park. The Vice-speaker of the Parliament Galina Antyufeyeva acquainted with the photographs.


The Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov congratulated Pridnestrovians, citizens of Russia and compatriots on the state holiday of the Russian Federation.


The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky held a meeting in the Dubossary city district council with deputies of the Supreme and local councils representing the interests of residents of Dubossary and Dubossary district.


The Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Korshunov, vice-speaker Galina Antyufeyeva, deputies Ilona Tyuryaeva and Oleg Vasilaty awarded the winners of the republican competition "Meet the Stars" and the international Bulgarian-Russian competition "Together in the XXI Century".


Regular edition of the Deputy Hour program was broadcasted.


Deputies of the Supreme and local councils at the meeting of Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke today about the development of the Rybnitsa region in the state administration of the city. The main problems and the possibilities of their solution were discussed.


Information hour took place after the plenary meeting of the Supreme Council on the issue of performing routine maintenance on the technical operation of roads in rural settlements with unpaved surfaces.

The Supreme Council considered today a number of legislations proposed by the PMR President and the deputies.