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Reclamation and redistribution of budget funds

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, ЖКХ, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


Today the deputies of the Committee considered amendments to the law-in-draft "On land reclamation in the PMR". Working meeting was held with the Ministry of Agriculture the day before. Each amendment to the law-in-draft was thoroughly worked out, compromise solutions were found for most of the proposals. The committee prepared a table of amendments to the law-in-draft. They relate to the mechanism for implementing the law in practice. Some of the Committee's deputies are land users, therefore, in practice, they are well acquainted with the state of the land reclamation system and the difficulties that agrarians face when trying to organize irrigation of lands. All the nuances and subtleties of the functioning of the land reclamation complex of the republic should be reflected in the law. This is the position of the deputies of the Supreme Council.

In the course of the discussion, issues were raised that relate to the boundaries of responsibility for the supply of water for irrigation and control in the field of land reclamation.

The terms of the development by the Ministry of Agriculture of the state target program for the restoration of the reclamation system was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Committee on the agro-industrial complex today. The ministry proposed to increase the term of work on the program to four months. The committee considers that the program needs to be prepared more quickly. Considering that this is a rather complicated document from a technical point of view, in the end we settled on a compromise option - 3 months. If additional time is required, this issue will be discussed separately.

The law-in-draft "On land reclamation in the PMR" in the second reading will be considered at the next plenary session of the Supreme Council.

The committee considered a number of amendments to the law "On the republican budget for 2020". In particular, they talked about the Bendery asphalt concrete plant. The Head of the Bendery state administration Roman Ivanchenko explained that the plant had to purchase 4 metering bins for inert materials this year. This is the equipment that mixes the components that make up the asphalt. Due to the pandemic, the amount of funds allocated for the purchase of equipment has been reduced. Only 2 units can be purchased for the remaining amount. This would not have solved the original task. Now the remaining funds are proposed to be used to modernize the plant. The list of equipment required for this has already been selected.

The deputies agreed with this solution of the issue and will recommend the Supreme Council to support this law-in-draft.