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The profile committee reviewed the changes in the law on third party liability insurance relating to the insurance of foreign car owners.


The committee on issues of the AIC considered a number of core issues.


as one of the conditions for the rational use and protection of land. Amendments to the norms of the Land Code were discussed in the profile committee.


Discussion of the concept of fiscal and tax policy continues in the profile committees. The deputies of the Committee on agro-industrial complex issues voiced their proposals.


Transfer of the terms of payment of taxes for farmers, the establishment of a new subcategory for vehicle owners, changes in the law " OSAGO" – these are issues considered by the deputies of the profile committee.


Deputies of the Committee on the agro industrial complex considered legislations on motor vehicles, property taxes, assistance to public organizations.


Legislative initiatives concerning motor transport, country houses and share payments were considered in the profile committee.


The profile committee examined the issues of land management, personal subsidiary plots and driving.


The Committee on AIC considered state target programs within the framework of the third reading of the draft budget 2018.


The profile committee discussed the draft budget for 2018, as well as legislative initiatives in the road and environmental spheres.

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