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Regular issue of “The Councils of the people” newspaper was published. The parliament chairman Alexander Korshunov talked about the main directions of the Supreme Council in the author’s article with the beginning of the new parliamentary season. The main idea of ​​the publication is the speaker’s quote: “We need to adopt budget balanced for socially protected items,” which was put in the heading of the material.

About what deputies of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) parliamentary faction intend to do during the autumn session, their chairman Petr Pasat spoke in an interview with our newspaper under the heading "Key Tasks" about their cooperation with the media and representatives of the deputies on the ground.

Relations with Russia, the course of the negotiation process, the possibility of destroying ammunition stored in warehouses near the villag Kolbasna, gas and banking problems, rising prices and the fate of a house built on one of the capital's streets - these and other questions were asked by the members of the deliberative meeting of the first Pridnestrovian deputies under the Chairman of the Supreme Council during the first autumn meeting to Vadim Krasnoselsky. What he answered was in the publication under the heading “Urgent Issues”.

About the laws adopted by the people’s representatives during the first autumn month, in our traditional review under the heading “Work at the Start” under the regular heading “Lawmaking Process”.

A museum was opened at the Bouquet of Moldavia factory famous throughout the post-Soviet space in Dubossary, in the presence of State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin and a whole galaxy of famous Soviet and Russian cosmonauts. Russian guests visited Pridnestrovie at the personal invitation of the director of the Tiraspol wine and brandy factory, parliamentarian Oleg Bayev. About how it was - in a report entitled "Space landing".

The editors continue to monitor the progress of the implementation of the state program for the execution of voters' orders. In the next issue of “Councils of the People”, there are stories about the changes taking place in Bendery constituencies number 5 and number 6, where the interests of voters are represented by deputies Oleg Belyakov and Sergey Pisarenko, respectively.

There are reports on the work of the session of the Kamenka City Council with the participation of the speaker Alexander Korshunov and the deputy of the Supreme Council from this region Valery Babchinetsky, about the traditional reception on personal issues, which was held by the Chairman of the Supreme Council in the September issue of the newspaper.

A photo under the traditional heading "Photofact" is about celebration of the 250th anniversary of Slobodzeya with the participation of parliamentarians.