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Five-year program for the development of land reclamation


Major overhaul of the main reclamation facilities will be carried out and reclamation networks will be expanded during the next five years in Pridnestrovie. The new equipment will replace worn out hydraulic structures. It is planned to restore 42 pumping stations. The area of ​​irrigated land will increase by 24 thousand hectares. All measures are spelled out in the state target program for the restoration and development of the PMR reclamation complex for 2022–2026. The law was adopted by the Supreme Council on December 22 and signed by the PMR President on January 10.

The measures prescribed by the law should prevent grain harvest shortfalls in the event of drought. 150 thousand hectares of crops throughout the republic were killed or damaged in 2020, due to a lack of moisture in the soil at the beginning of sowing winter and spring crops, due to spring frosts and summer drought.

162 million rubles are planned for the implementation of the five-year state program for the restoration and development of land reclamation. The funds will be allocated annually from the republican budget. A third of the funding will come from the targeted collection for the development of land reclamation.

Over 30 million rubles have been allocated for the development of land reclamation in the republican budget of this year. The state will provide water supply at a preferential rate, and land users need to purchase irrigation equipment and restore on-farm irrigation networks.

The tariff for the supply of one cubic meter of water for irrigation is 70 kopecks since 2017. This tariff is a measure of state support for the agricultural sector. It is necessary at the same time to provide assistance to the enterprises of the reclamation complex, the program says.

It will be possible according to the state program to increase the yield of agricultural crops from 30 to 50% thanks to the increase in irrigated areas until 2026. As a result, more food products of our own production will appear on the market, and the raw material base for the processing industry will expand. The action of the GPC will contribute to the creation of 400 additional jobs.