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Victor Guzun, "Pridnestrovie is ready to attract investments to mutual benefit"


There is a diplomatic landing in Pridnestrovie. A large delegation of ambassadors and staff of diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau arrived at the capital of the republic at the personal invitation of the President. It consists of diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia. The central event of the visit was the presentation of the investment support program. Representatives of the deputies of the republic - the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, the vice-speaker Galina Antyufeeva, the chairmen of the parliamentary committees - on economics, budget and finance Alexander Korshunov, as well as on the development of entrepreneurship and industry Victor Guzun became its participants.

The President of the Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky greeted the foreign guests who responded to his invitation, thanked them for this and told about the desire of Pridnestrovie to present our economy to them.

According to the Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov, success in the development of the economy of any country is largely related to attracting investment. This creates the creation of new jobs, increased tax revenues and, as a result, the growth of incomes and the quality of life of citizens.

At the end of his speech to the representatives of the diplomatic corps, the Prime Minister appealed to them with a convincing request to bring the presented information to the businessmen of their countries as soon as possible.

The Minister of Economic Development, Sergei Obolonik, presented in details to foreign diplomats the cardinal changes made by the Supreme Council in the investment legislation, informed about numerous and unprecedented benefits, preferences and guarantees of legal protection of investments in our economy, use of revenues, and also spoke about macroeconomic parameters, advantages doing business with Pridnestrovie and also called for investing money in the republic.

The last presentation in an interview to the parliamentary press service was commented on by the head of the Supreme Council's Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry Viktor Guzun.

One of the points of the program of the visit of foreign ambassadors to Pridnestrovie was the visit of a number of enterprises having many years of successful work in the markets of European countries, as well as successful examples of investments from Europe.