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The last battle is the most difficult


Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, parliamentarians became spectators of an impressive action - a large military-patriotic festival was held on the city beach. The "highlight" was the reconstruction of the battle with the crossing of the Dniester, in which the boats were involved. Among the organizers of the festive event timed to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, the commanders and servicemen of the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Pridnestrovie, members of the military-patriotic club "The Heirs of Victory", the Pridnestrovian Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan , which is headed by Deputy of the Supreme Council Igor Buga.

Before the beginning of reconstruction for some of the same "The last battle is the most difficult" a few minutes left, but those who came this Sunday to the bank of the Dniester have what to do, especially children and adolescents. They had an opportunity to touch real weapons, both modern and of the Second World War, dress and take photos in the equipment of modern soldiers, admire military equipment, including retro cars and modern bikes. Training places for small-caliber rifle, strikeball and paintball weapons were organized. Both before and after the battle lined up towards the firing line.

A guest from Chisinau Artem Padura appeared before us in the form of a soldier of the German Wehrmacht. He is one of 70 participants in the reconstruction of the crossing of the Dniester in April 1944.

The announcer declares that forcing a water obstacle is the hardest and most bloody kind of battle. Not for nothing during the war, the title of heroes of the Soviet Union was received by the majority just forcing the water barriers. In particular 2438 people were awarded the highest state award of the USSR for crossing the Dnieper.

The spectators saw first hand during the reconstruction of the battle how difficult it is to cross rivers, then to go on the offensive. Explosions, shots, moans of wounded and shouting "Hurray!" The enemy is defeated! The battle ended with the complete and unconditional Victory of Soviet soldiers!

As Igor Buga assured after the reconstruction of the battle, this is not the last historical reconstruction. The joint efforts of the veterans of the "Afghans", OGRW soldiers and the young change of "The Heirs of Victory" club will be directed to their improvement in the future.