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Worthy Serve the Motherland


The city stage of the republican sports marathon “Worthy Serve the Motherland” was held in the capital secondary school No. 9. The event was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. This is reported by the press service of the capital state administration.

The guest of honor of the event was the chairman of the Pridnestrovian Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan, the head of the Committee on Public Associations, Sports and Youth Policy Igor Buga. According to the organizers, the tournament strengthens not only the physical, but also the spiritual and moral health of the youth, because the marathon is dedicated to one of the most important dates in our history.

Welcoming the young participants, Igor Buga spoke about the main events of the Afghan war. A contingent of Soviet troops was introduced into this country in order to help the fraternal people of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan to fulfill their internationalist duty.

Five teams participated in tense wrestling, each of which consisted of high school students - six boys and two girls. Competitions included a baton, throwing a basketball ball into the ring, tug of war, throwing darts and much more.

An exhibition dedicated to the Afghan events was also organized at the school. It was prepared by Afghan veteran Alexander Antropov. Schoolchildren will be able to get acquainted with unique exhibits, will be able to learn more about the events of the Afghan war.