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State support for wheelchair users


The state will provide assistance to those disabled people who at their own expense intend to adapt an apartment or a room in a hostel for the convenience of movement in wheelchairs. The law-in-draft with amendments to the law "On social protection of disabled people" was developed in order to increase the accessibility of living quarters for disabled people of I and II groups and disabled children under the age of 18, moving in wheelchairs. People with disabilities often experience difficulties when it is not possible to enter a wheelchair, for example, to the toilet or bathroom. Someone had to remove interior sills, install handrails, or widen doorways and arched doorways.

Social and household adaptation of people with disabilities is the area of ​​social rehabilitation, which is a system of measures to restore the ability of people with disabilities to independent activities in everyday life as well as their integration into society. The implementation of the measures reflected in the law adopted by the Supreme Council should be the next step after the arrangement of urban architectural accessibility. This task in Pridnestrovie is being implemented by the Equal Opportunities State Program.

According to the data of the state administrations of towns and districts, 59 people with disabilities currently need to carry out work on the adaptation of residential premises. The cost of paying compensations for expenses incurred independently will amount to approximately 295 thousand rubles, up to 5 thousand rubles per person. This amount will be taken into account when forming the budget for 2022.