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A memorial plaque was installed in Tiraspol in honor of the honored healthcare worker of the MSSR and PMR Nina Kachurovskaya. On November 7 of this year she would have turned 95 years old. A veteran of labor and an honorary citizen of Tiraspol, Nina Ilyinichna died two years ago.

Deputies of the Supreme Council, members of the advisory meeting, representatives of the Tiraspol state administration, the ministry of health, public organizations, students, relatives, colleagues, and friends honored the memory of Nina Kachurovskaya.

About half a century is the total work experience of Nina Kachurovskaya. During this time, 10 pharmacies and 8 pharmacies were opened in Tiraspol. From 1952 to 1996, Nina Ilyinichna led the central city pharmacy. It was decided to install a memorial plate on this building.

Nina Kachurovskaya was an active participant in the Komsomol youth underground group During the Great Patriotic War, being in the occupied territory. She did not stay aside from the events of the late 1980s and early 1990s. As a delegate, she took part in the work of the first two fateful congresses of deputies of all levels of the PMR. During the period of hostilities, she organized assistance to the wounded and the uninterrupted supply of medical supplies to the population.

The honorary right to open the memorial plaque was granted to the Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeeva and the experienced pharmacist Yuri Negrutsa.

They lay fresh flowers at the memorial plaque in memory of the honored worker.