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"The Road Map" of Development


Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov began his speech. The government has the appropriate instruments and mechanisms in order to solve it.

The priorities are the adoption of a balanced budget for the current year and the development of budget and tax policy concept in 2018 for joint working groups, structure and parliamentarians. According to Alexander Martynov, as a basis it is necessary to take the experience of Russia, where the practice has proved the development of "road maps" for various areas of public life. The orders of the Government on the preparation of the "road maps" are adopted in our republic.

Regular "road map" is aimed at supporting exporters. It will be developed on the site of the CCI and Union of Industrialists Agrarians and Businessmen of Pridnestrovie. Nobody knows problems better than exporters themselves.

Minimization of hidden costs in the utilities and energy system will form the basis of another "road map". In this regard, the Prime Minister called for a return to discussion on the introduction of targeted subsidies for utility payments to socially vulnerable layers of the population.

One of the "road maps" is aimed at the implementation of measures to improve the business climate in the republic. According to Alexander Martynov, in this respect, the initiative must come from below, from the entrepreneurs themselves. He considers an important condition  raising state guarantees for the protection of property, carrying a stable economic policy, reducing administrative barriers and creating favorable conditions for attracting investments. It is necessary to adopt a new edition of the law "On investments" in this regard.