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Fill the legal gap

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Two initiated by the Government legislations were considered in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture. According to information, sounded by a representative of the Ministry of Education, there are 39 holders of academic degrees and titles in the republic, confirmed by documents from non-state and public educational x.

The developers emphasize that the activities of public organizations in awarding academic degrees and awarding academic titles are not related to the state certification system. It is assumed that persons with state diplomas will be able to receive bonuses for a degree (title). A similar rule applies in the Russian Federation, Moldova and Ukraine.

This law-in-draft was supported by deputies of the relevant committee and recommended for adoption in the first reading.

The government in another law-in-draft proposed to restore payments for the qualification category to teaching staff of two social welfare organizations subordinated to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor. We are talking about pedagogical workers of the Republican Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children and the Republican Specialized Children's Home. After a series of legislative changes, these organizations “dropped out” from the list of organizations whose employees are entitled to receive a premium for the qualification category. The proposed rule will fill this legislative gap.

The law-in-draft was supported by the deputies of the relevant parliamentary committee in the first reading.