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Yuri Kara, "There must be responsibility for any animal"


The Committee for State Regional Policy examined the legislative initiative of the Bendery City Council aimed at streamlining public relations in the sphere of keeping pets. As the chairman of the City Council Yuri Kara noted, the draft of the new law "On keeping dogs and regulating the number of neglected and ownerless dogs" was developed in cooperation with representatives of the public, animal protectionists and cynologists. On the one hand, the document defines the rules for keeping pets, on the other, measures are proposed to regulate the number of stray animals.

According to the developer, the existing mechanisms in this sphere do not give the proper effect. The initiative offers a comprehensive approach to solving the problem: to prevent the increase of populations of stray animals and to determine measures to regulate their numbers in the territory of settlements. The law-in-draft defines such new concepts for the legal environment as "shelter", "nursery", "places of overexposure", "institute of guardianship", it is proposed to introduce an animal registration procedure. According to the representative of the author, "there must be responsibility for any animal - administrative, financial, criminal".

At the same time, as the head of the profile committee Oleg Vasilaty emphasized, the submitted law-in-draft, first of all, should be sent to protect citizens.

Taking into consideration the urgency of the problem, the Committee's deputies supported the proposed initiative and recommended that the Supreme Council adopt it in the first reading.

Parliamentarians in the course of the meeting of the Committee heard Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maria Glushkova, who introduced to the draft concept of fiscal and tax policy for 2018 and medium-term perspective. Discussion of separate sections of this document, important for the republic in the Supreme Council, has been going on for a long time. This time the draft concept was introduced for consideration by the deputy corps in full. The document in the near future will be considered at the plenary session.