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Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture discussed amendments for the second reading of the law-in-draft “On the Unified State Register of Immovable Objects of Cultural Heritage”. The list includes more than two thousand objects in need of state protection. Among them there is Monument to the soldiers in Tiraspol, the Triumphal Arch in Bendery, the Obelisk of military glory on the Kitskany bridgehead, etc.

Currently, this is governed by the resolution of the Supreme Council 2002. Specialists of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage conducted a historical and cultural examination. It was found that the current registry is outdated. The new document is intended to become the basis for the registration, protection, restoration of historical and cultural monuments.

Deputies of the profile committee were interested in the fate of the military history museum of Grigory Kotovsky in Tiraspol. The building of the unique museum is in need of repair. In the opinion of parliamentarians, the most significant historical landmark of the Pridnestrovian capital should be under special state protection. The museum will also be listed.

As it was noted today: in the mode of preparing the document for the second reading, a large amount of work was done to clarify the addresses of the locations of the objects of historical and cultural heritage, their owners and categories. Amendments were prepared on 231 sheets.

The law-in-draft “On the Unified State Register of Immovable Objects of Cultural Heritage” was recommended for adoption in the second reading.