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Depends on a number of meters or number of registered?


The agenda of the regional policy committee includes introduction of amendments to the Housing Code. The author of the law-in-draft - the government - offers perfect legislation in the sphere of paying for maintenance and repair of elevators by the population. According to the Housing Code, the payment for maintenance of the elevator is determined in proportion to the area of ​​the owner's dwelling. However, according to the order approved in 2007 by the Ministry of Industry and Regional Development, the maintenance fee for the elevator should be calculated for one person registered and charged from persons living inclusively from the third to the last floor. The Government considers that the charging of fees in proportion to the area of ​​apartments infringes the rights of citizens living on 1 and 2 floors of multi-family housing.

The opinion of the author of the law-in-draft was not agreed by representatives of organizations for maintenance and maintenance of elevators, which recently suffered losses.

Opinions of deputies of the profile parliamentary committee were divided. On the one hand, the financial burden that today lies on organizations servicing elevators should not be shifted to the shoulders of citizens. On the other hand, it is important to preserve the work of these enterprises.

There was no committee's unanimous opinion on the legislative initiative proposed by the government. Deputies plan to continue discussion of the law-in-draft at a subsequent meeting.