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Harmonization with Russian law

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Amendment to the basic law "On Education" was initiated by Deputy of the Supreme Council Mikhail Burla. The parliamentarian proposed adopting norms that would regulate the admission and transfer of students in educational institutions in order to receive basic general and secondary (complete) general education there with in-depth study of individual subjects or for specialized education. The author includes such organizations as secondary schools with gymnasium classes, where admission is an individual selection, as well as cadet school and Suvorov school, in which history and physical education are taught in more depth. This year a new educational organization was opened - “School of Olympic Reserve”, where educational programs in the field of physical education and sports are additionally implemented.

The norms proposed by the law-in-draft are similar to the norms of Russian legislation. Amendments to the Law on Education will be recommended for adoption in the first reading at the plenary meeting.

Another legislative initiative, which also improves the norms of the basic law, was proposed by Vasily Chernobay, Chairman of the Council of People’s Deputies of Slobodzeya District and the city of Slobodzeya. The purpose of the document is to create conditions and provide an opportunity to organize meals for employees of school and preschool institutions on a paid basis. The proposed norms are similar to the norms of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Education”.

It was noted in the course of the Committee meeting that there are problems with the organization of catering for teachers in all regions of the republic.

According to Alena Ruskevich, First Deputy Minister of Finance, the adoption of the law-in-draft will require the development of appropriate standards by analogy with the current nutritional standards for students.

The parliamentarians, based on the need to solve this situation, unanimously voted for the adoption of amendments to the law "On Education" in the first reading. In the future, it will be necessary to develop a mechanism for implementing these standards. The final decision on the law-in-draft is for the deputy corps.