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The Supreme Council adopted amendments to the law "On the Status of People's Deputies of Local Councils of People's Deputies of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic" on the 31st of March. The changes enshrine in the legislation the concept of "deputy act", an exhaustive list of cases and the conditions for its preparation.

The President rejected the adopted law and sent it for reconsideration to the Supreme Council. The presidential veto is based on the inadmissibility of vesting a deputy of a local Council with the right to draw up deputy's act, enshrining the information about certain circumstances, since this is not characteristic of the legal status of a people's deputy.

Parliamentarians and representatives of local self-government noted that the deputy act is already being applied in practice speaking for overcoming the President's veto today in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Legislation. There are examples of effective implementation of such a document. For example, the courts may consider a deputy's act as proof that a person registered in a dwelling does not actually live in it.

From 2018 to the present, the Slobodzeya District Court has considered 647 civil cases, in which the “deputy's act” was examined. For example, cases on claims for recognition as having not acquired the right to use residential premises, on claims for recognition as having lost the right to use residential premises were considered.

Deputies of the Committee on Legislation focused their attention on the fact that the “deputy act” is not a new legal institution; therefore the law adopted by the Supreme Council is aimed at legislative regulation of the already established legal relations. In addition, the law establishes legal restrictions, conditions and requirements for the preparation of such a document form. For example, the deputy act is valid only for three months and can be drawn up by a people's deputy only regarding information about the facts that take place in the electoral district of this deputy.

Deputies of the Committee adopted unanimous decision - to overcome the President's veto on the law "On Amendments and Addenda to the Law of the PMR "On the Status of People's Deputies of Local Councils of People's Deputies of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic" adopted by the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council will consider this issue in the course of the plenary session on May 13.