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Public services under direct contract


Deputies of the State Regional Policy Committee reviewed the legislative initiative of parliamentarian Oleg Vasilaty. The head of the committee proposed to change the norm of the Housing Code in order to improve relations between consumers and utility providers. As Oleg Vasilaty noted, at present the certain utilities are provided to citizens through an intermediary, which is the management company. In this situation, there are often questions related to the recovery of debts of negligent consumers to energy supplying organizations.

The parliamentarian considers that the problem can be solved by concluding a direct contract between the consumer and the utility provider. Moreover, the norm is not an innovation: this mechanism of payment of utilities is applied to individual residential buildings.

The fact that the problem exists, confirmed the member of the relevant committee Anton Onufienko. Residents of cooperative houses addressed him more than once.

Deputies during the discussion made a number of comments on the implementation of the proposed standard. The current system is based on the division of responsibility for a particular area of ​​utility networks. At the same time, the head of the committee, Oleg Vasilaty, is sure: only a direct contract can solve the problem with debtors.

The deputies of the Committee recommended the law-in-draft for adoption in the first reading, taking into account the made suggestions.

Parliamentary committees continue to consider the law-in-draft “On the republican budget 2019”. In particular, the deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy were interested in the issue related to the reimbursement to energy supplying organizations of their shortfall in income, including for the benefits provided by the state. The government offered to compensate for their part by financing the inter-tariff difference, which is annually formed between the economically justified and in the final version approved tariff for public services. According to representatives of the executive branch of government, this will allow directing funds for the reconstruction of the energy supplying infrastructure.