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The initiative of the villagers


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy considered the legislative initiative on amending the law "On the administrative and territorial structure". The author was the Council of People's Deputies of Slobodzeia and Slobodzeia district. As explained by the chairman of the city council Vasily Chernobay, the basis for drafting the law-in-draft was the appeals of residents of the village of Zagornoye.

Vasily Chernobay said, "There was a meeting of citizens. The villagers expressed their desire to unite with the village of Kitskany. All documents, technical passports for households are registered through the Kitskany village council. Because of the fact that these are different settlements, certain difficulties arise. We appealed to the President, and he supported the citizens' initiative".

Currently Zagornoye is a part of the Kitskan Village Council as a separate independent rural settlement. But in fact there are 40 households located. 87 residents are registered in them. This village in practice is considered as one of the streets of Kitskany - both by its residents and by representatives of local authorities.

 "There is an appeal and agreement of citizens. There is a decision of the President. Therefore, it is necessary to amend the current law,"- said the head of the profile committee, Oleg Vasilaty.

Following the discussion, parliamentarians recommended their colleagues in the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in two readings. The legislative initiative will be on the agenda of the plenary session, which will be held next week.