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Division of responsibility


Deputies in the course of the meeting considered in the first reading legislative initiative of the deputy chairman of the committee Anton Onufrienko. He proposed a number of additions to the Housing Code. This need arose due to the fact that there is still no clear separation of responsibilities for the repair of utility networks of heat, water, gas supply and electric networks, which run around the perimeter of the house.

Often a situation arises when a road passes over a stretch of land under which water pipes or heating mains are laid. In order to change the pipe, you need to remove the asphalt, dig a hole, and then restore the road. All this is a burden for the residents of a single cooperative. According to members of the committee, this state of affairs is unfair. Non-residents must bear the burden of maintaining these sites.

Despite the fact that there is already a corresponding government decree, it is impossible to implement it today due to technical reasons. It is difficult to assess the cost of a particular segment of engineering networks, to find out on whose balance they are located, how many years in the earth, what is their residual value. Due to such technical issues, the issue is still not being resolved.

The committee members supported this initiative and will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.

In addition, members of the committee supported the Government’s initiative aimed at improving the quality and comfort of the modern environment of settlements, including in the field of housing and communal services.

The law-in-draft proposes to exempt for 6 years the municipal unitary enterprises of the housing and communal services industry from paying income tax remaining after making appropriate deductions for such type of activity as “housing”. The released funds will have a special purpose - repair of the housing stock serviced by municipal enterprises. According to government representatives, the implementation of the measures proposed by the law-in-draft will have a positive effect on the collection of funds for the provided housing and communal services in the future. This, in turn, will increase the income of these organizations and their tax deductions.

The committee members, for their part, proposed to supplement the law-in-draft and extend its effect not only to municipal unitary enterprises, but also to management companies of all forms of ownership.