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Activity of courts, length of service and memorable dates

Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


The Committee on Legislation prepared for consideration in the second reading a package of legislations concerning the broadcasting of court hearings on radio, television and on the Internet. It is possible to conduct an online meeting only with the permission of the court, as there is secret information protected by law. The procedure for broadcasting is also prescribed in the legislation. The amendments were initiated by a group of deputies of the Committee on Education, Public Associations and the Media. It is important in their opinion to ensure citizens' access to justice, maximum openness and transparency of the courts.

The deputies recalled at the meeting of the Committee the importance of implementation of the current law "On providing access to information on the activities of courts in the PMR". As the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Adrian Penkovsky said, the website of the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court, city and district courts is already working. Now work is underway to fill the site and prepare the texts of judicial acts for publication. Until the end of the year, all sites will function, and all information about the work of the courts will be published without additional funding, said Adrian Penkovsky.

The participants in the online meeting spoke about the publication of personal data when placing the texts of judicial acts on the Internet. This issue will be worked out with representatives of the judicial community and the prosecutor's office. Only initials or pseudonyms should be placed instead of the full data of the participants in the trial. On the other hand, information about convicted persons should be available to inform citizens. The opinion of the Committee is to approach the issue in a differentiated manner.

The legislations on amendments to the Constitutional Law "On the Constitutional Court", to the Code of Administrative Offenses, the Arbitration and Civil Procedure Codes, to the laws "On personal data" and "On providing access to information on the activities of the PMR courts" will be considered by the deputies at one of the plenary sessions in the second reading.

The deputies of the Committee also supported the initiative of the PMR President to introduce administrative responsibility for the deliberate and illegal use of invalid passports. The current Code of Administrative Offenses spelled out responsibility for deliberate damage to the passport or loss through negligence. It is forbidden to illegally seize a document or accept it as collateral. As stated in the explanatory note to the law-in-draft, practice shows that some Pridnestrovians, receiving a new passport in return for the lost one, continue to use the found old document, without informing about its location. The deputies will recommend the adoption of this law-in-draft in the first reading.

Another package of legislations that was considered at the meeting of the Committee, concerns the provision of pensions to employees of control departments. For those who serve in the internal affairs bodies, the penitentiary system, the service of bailiffs, tax and customs authorities, prosecutors and the Investigative Committee, they can assign a pension, taking into account the probationary period. This working time (3-6 months) should be included in the length of service, the deputies consider. Galina Antyufeyeva, Stepan Stepanov, Oleg Petrik and Valery Babchinetskiy submitted the corresponding pact of draft laws for consideration. The initiative was supported by the Committee, at one of the plenary sessions it will be considered in the first reading.

The opinion of a group of deputies on the establishment of two memorable dates for the republic was also supported at the meeting of the Committee: November 3 - the Day of the establishment of the institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the PMR and August 7 – the Day of the establishment of the PMR Accounts Chamber. The corresponding draft resolutions of the Supreme Council will be considered by the deputy corps in two readings.