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Improve the quality of life in rural areas


The constituency number 10 of the deputy of the Supreme Council Vladimir Pelin includes the villages of the Grigoriopol region - Bychok, Krasnogorka, Malaeshty, Teya, Speya, Tokmazeia. Rural voters are primarily concerned with the quality and standard of living, social guarantees, good work of transport and social institutions.

One of the objects in the list of voters' orders was the House of Culture of the village of Malaeshty. The building has not been heated for over 30 years. The villagers turned to the President with a request to help resolve this issue. The President supported this idea, and the old dream of the inhabitants of Malaeshty was realized thanks to the joint efforts of the local authorities and the Supreme Council Deputy. Now, events can be held in the recreation center at any time of the year, and children from the village can study in hobby groups in comfortable conditions.

They also managed to resolve the issue with the Malaeshty music school. There was no heating either. With the support and participation of Vladimir Pelin, the educational institution was transferred to the building of a former school, which is heated.

At the request of the defenders of Pridnestrovie living in Krasnogorka, a monument was built in honor of the defenders of the republic who died. A feldsher-obstetric center was opened in the village with the assistance of Vladimir Pelin and the Head of administration.

A pharmacy was opened in the settlements and an ambulance was purchased so that the residents of the villages of Teya and Tokmazeya do not have to travel to the city every time for urgent medical care and medicines. We also bought an ambulance car for the Malaeshty outpatient clinic. Deputy Vladimir Pelin helped organize a major overhaul of the roof, replace windows and doors, and also start a boiler room in the outpatient clinic of the village of Speya.

The Deputy responded to the requests of the residents of Malaeshty, who asked to establish additional stops for public transport. 

The village is large, and minibuses come only to the center. Now there are new stops in the village, and minibuses pick up people from the farthest parts of the village.

One difficult issue has not yet been removed from the agenda. This is a landfill for household waste, which is located near Malaeshty, where garbage is brought from Tiraspol.

In order to somehow change the situation, before the landfill was moved, Vladimir Pelin helped to install fences around the landfill and reclaim the land. They managed to break a large park between the landfill and the village together with the village activists and the youth. The Deputy of the Supreme Council intends to bring the solution of the issue with the transfer of the landfill to the end.

The Social Policy Committee pays special attention to the expansion of quotas for the purchase of housing for orphans. Of course, the queue remains, but the deputies of the Supreme Council are doing everything to reduce it. One of their initiatives is to provide orphans with an opportunity to choose whether to receive a private house in the countryside or an apartment from the state.