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Oleg Bayev, Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic for constituency number 12 "Severny" gave an interview to "The Pridnestrovie" newspaper.


The 12th "Severny" district of Dubossary region is really special. Moreover, that part of it, where villages with dual jurisdiction are located. There is at the same time the Head of the village administration, representing Pridnestrovie, and the mayor subordinate to Chisinau. It would be surprising if Moldova did not try to roam the Pridnestrovian fields in this situation.

The issue has been resolved with the broadcasting of Pridnestrovian TV channels. The struggle for human souls has moved to the social plane. Chisinau spares no money for the development of the infrastructure of these particular settlements. They are financed much better than the villages in Moldova. We are also trying to keep up.

The first thing the deputy decided to start with in this convocation in his special district is to put in order the WCs in rural schools. Can you imagine what a toilet is in most rural educational institutions? As a rule, this is an unheated and unlit building that has forgotten about all hygiene rules, located in the school yard. At one time Oleg Bayev created the Lions Club in Tiraspol. There is such an international movement that unites capable, and most importantly, those who want to engage in charity and patronage of people. Contacts with foreign members of Lions Club were quickly established.

According to Oleg Bayev, a vehicle from Germany with humanitarian aid has recently arrived. Work is underway in Krasniy Vinogradar.

Humanitarian aid is not only Keramaga plumbing equipment in the amount of 275000 euros (by the way, it was received not only for the newly built and reconstructed toilets of rural kindergartens and schools, but also for the medical institutions of Dubossary, Tiraspol, Bendery and Slobodzeya - the republican clinical hospital, hospital invalids of the Great Patriotic War, Tiraspol and Bendery psycho-neurological boarding schools, Dubossary central regional hospital, a boarding house for the elderly and disabled in Pervomaisk, as well as for a correctional school in Tiraspol and the republican Children's Home), but also wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, orthopedic beds, personal protective equipment (disposable gowns, medical masks and gowns) for Pridnestrovian doctors.

Another activity of the Lyons Club is vision examination of the elderly on special devices.

First-graders in the 12th constituency "Severny" annually receive school bags with a full set of school supplies - notebooks, diaries, albums, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. Moreover, children are not divided into friends and foes. These kits are received by first-graders from schools that are part of the Moldovan education system, located on the territory of the PMR. You see, this is a very good political move. If the schoolchildren do not yet realize this, then their parents are well aware that their children are treated like young Pridnestrovians. Members of Lions Club have also arranged “Lyons-quests”. These are educational programs for schoolchildren.

A manual, dedicated to the peculiarities of studying in quarantine is being prepared for publication. In particular, it also touches on the problem of online learning.

As for the specifics of Oleg Bayev's legislative activity, it is due to two circumstances - he is, firstly, a "rural" parliamentarian, and secondly, the Head of one of the largest enterprises for processing agricultural raw materials. Therefore, he has been working for 20 years (deputy of the Supreme Council of four convocations) in the profile parliamentary committee on the agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, natural resources and ecology. This year turned out to be extremely difficult for the agro-industrial complex. Drought, inherited from 2019, April frosts below minus fourteen. This is in addition to the coronavirus, which also affected the work of enterprises in the agricultural sector, even on a global scale.

We have halved the tax rate on the income of organizations that process fruits and vegetables. By the way, the vineyards of the KVINT suffered from the April frosts. Oleg Bayev, as the Head of this enterprise, predicted crop losses on his lands in Doibany and Yantarny by 25-30% compared to last year. He said that additional mineral fertilizing, safe for humans, would slightly increase the effect.

Taking into account both the global economic crisis and the quarantine measures taken by individual countries, the export of the company's products fell. The buying countries remained the same, but the volumes of supplied Pridnestrovian alcohol decreased. It is noteworthy that two countries still prevail in the export segment of KVINT - Russia and France. The first one from January to July this year bought 51 thousand decaliters in Tiraspol. The second is 50 and a half thousand decaliters. Russia bought exclusively finished products. Deliveries to France - these are raw materials for local cognac producers.  

Returning to agriculture in general, it should be noted that this year financing of 16 million Pridnestrovian rubles has been preserved for restoration of the reclamation system. This is despite the fact that many state programs were thoroughly sequestered due to extraordinary circumstances. Several interesting legislations were also born in the field of ecology in the bowels of the committee, during the last February-July session of the Supreme Council. Firstly, city and regional state administrations were allowed to purchase special equipment for removal and disposal of solid household waste at the expense of local environmental funds, and not wait for its purchase to be financed from the republican budget. Moreover, it is specially stipulated that it is impossible to "climb" into the city or regional environmental fund to finance local authorities. Moreover, tax breaks will be introduced for the amount of costs for municipal enterprises that have purchased special equipment. A state target program for the restoration of oak forests in the republic has been adopted for twenty years (2021-2041). The fauna of the Dniester is replenished, including valuable and rare fish species. In order not to interfere with this process, Pridnestrovie has banned commercial fishing. The neighbors called for the same, but Moldova and Ukraine did not respond to the proposal of the Pridnestrovian side 

There was also a very important law-in-draft, which was born in the parliamentary committee where Oleg Bayev works, on reducing the land tax rate by 22 times for the land plot under apartment buildings.