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Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council in electoral district number 36 Ilona Tyuryaeva told about the legislative activity and public work of the deputy, about hobbies, personal life and how to do everything in an interview with the correspondent of the "Pridnestrovie" newspaper Alexander Nikitin.


- Ilona Petrovna, please tell us about the work in the district, including the execution of orders from voters.

- In 15 years that I have been Deputy of the Supreme Council, we can say that these are the years of formation, strengthening and development of our state. I had to go through a lot and learn a lot. A lot of experience has been gained, primarily in working with people, with our voters. Many meetings have been held on a variety of occasions over the years. Many have contacted me personally, some I even recognize by their voice. Sometimes it seems to me that I know each of my constituents personally.

Orders, appeals and problems are much easier to solve when you communicate with voters at this level, and therefore much can be done. Our deputy team directly assists in resolving issues related to the improvement of courtyards, entrances, roads. We provide regular assistance to participants of the Great Patriotic War, disabled people, large families. As part of the work in the PMR Supreme Council, a lot of work has been done to improve the district, to repair apartment buildings. Now all this has taken on the form of systematic work for me. Not a single voter who turned to me was ignored. We keep a clear record of all citizens' appeals, assess the possibility of implementation, add them to our plan, initiate the inclusion of the city, the housing department in the plan, and then we will definitely monitor the implementation.

I could say, "Yes, I did it!" But I always say that this was all done by our team, these are the city council deputies Igor Edinak, Konstantin Royman, Elena Soboleva and, of course, our house committees, activists, public assistants. The team we work with has become cohesive, everyone knows their job and clearly performs it. This is very important.

- Were there voter orders, which then turned into legislative initiatives?

- As Deputy of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Family and Childhood, I and other members of the Committee consider and solve at the legislative level the problems of the most important unit of society - the family: Pridnestrovian children, parents, older generation. Therefore, proposals to amend the law are mainly initiated by workers in the education system and culture.

- Ilona Petrovna, what legislative initiatives, in the development of which you took part, do you consider the most important?

- Recent events have made very significant adjustments to our plans. The discussion of some legislations had to be postponed to a later date. As a member of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Family and Childhood, I consider the most important changes made to the PMR Law "On the wages of public sector workers". This amendment appeared as a result of the appeal of educators and the preschool education system to the Supreme Council.

Amendments to the PMR law on preservation of immovable objects of the PMR cultural heritage requiring urgent repair. This concerned the “Black Tulip” monument in memory of the people of Bendery who died in Afghanistan, and restoration of the monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and the defenders of the PMR.

- Please tell us about other legislations (including amendments prepared for the second reading) that were born with your direct participation?

- In addition to the aforementioned legislations, this year I took part in the discussion of the law on the archival industry of the PMR for 2020-2022. Very important amendments, in my opinion, that will allow in the future to use archival documents more widely and to have a more complete picture of certain events. As a person who has been collecting archival information for several years, including about his ancestors, this is understandable and interesting, and of course, I realize the full value of the development of technical equipment in this sphere.

- How do you manage to combine work outside the Supreme Council with legislative activity?

- I am an ordinary woman who has a job, a family. I learned a lot over the years as Deputy, first of all, probably, to allocate my time, to take care of every minute. Of course, they help me.  We have a very efficient team at work that is ready to mobilize and do everything that is needed in time pressure. The same can be said about our deputy team in the district, where a lot has to be done, regardless of time and personal circumstances.

My relatives help at home: husband, son, my mother. Therefore, I manage to find time for relaxation, and even for my hobby of recent years - I collect information about my ancestors in the form of books. The first two have already been printed in 2017. Now I'm preparing another one for release. Immersion in the most interesting historical facts is very exciting. I also find inspiration in my tailed girlfriends, two little dogs. All this for me is an opportunity to distract myself, relax and be inspired for fruitful work.