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Members of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) faction discussed some issues on the agenda of the plenary meeting. The deputies will have to decide on the amendments proposed by the government to the law aimed at the social rehabilitation of patients with chronic alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse. Important issues are the implementation of state targeted programs for immunization of the population, prevention of tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS infection, improvement of oncological assistance to the population, as well as the effectiveness of the use of funds. Deputies plan to listen to the report of the Minister of Health and ask a number of questions. Parliamentarians are interested in, for example, what are the reasons for which the funds allocated by the budget for the implementation of programs are not fully utilized, what is the possibility of ensuring the mandatory examination and treatment of people with tuberculosis.

Members of “The Obnovlenie” spoke about the draft republican budget 2019. The Supreme Council received the document from the Government. The parliament plans to consider the law-in-draft  in the first reading at the end of October or in the first days of November. However, it is necessary to solve a number of controversial, fundamental issues before this time. They planned to discuss it at the hearings on the basis of the relevant parliamentary committee. “Members of the faction emphasized the need to search for financial sources to ensure socially protected articles.

It was also about the functioning of a number of funds in the coming year. This year the Foundation for Mandates of Voters began to operate for the first time. It was 4.3 million rubles. The same amount is scheduled for 2019.

Chairman of the faction Peter Pasat called on parliamentarians to send their conclusions on the law-in-draft on the republican budget 2019 to the relevant committee.