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The tasks are set. Attain!


In the course of extended session of the government a substantive discussion on the goals and objectives that the President set before the authorities for this year. In addition to general problems there were specific to the Supreme Council, each ministry and agency. Its implementation should lead to stabilization of the situation in the republic, improving people's lives. It is their mandates were the basis of the set tasks of the president.

Comments and suggestions were voiced during the meetings with Pridnestrovians, there were many, particularly in regard to registration and PMR citizenship. According to the President, these terms were significantly reduced: 45 days - a residence permit year - adoption of citizenship. To speed up the adoption process of Pridnestrovian citizenship Vadim Krasnoselsky advised MIA to move to electronic document.

The harmonious development of the younger generation is impossible without exercise, says Vadim Krasnoselsky. In this regard, he considers it important to reactivation of Dynamo movement. Previous experience of his work will be useful Army Sports Club (SKA), the establishment of which is planned in the Armed Forces. With regard to military service, there is a need to create favorable conditions for young people wanted to serve the motherland. One of the proposals concerning the organization of services on the basis of the working day - from 8 to 17 hours.

In the sphere of agricultural policy the president considers it important to adopt the state program of development of agribusiness, support for complex reclamation, creation of procurement centers, which will take agricultural products from the population, reducing the tax burden, the allocation of land for young families living in rural areas. There is still a vital topic of mutual benefits. Many complaints about the unfair decision of the issue to the relevant ministry, the parliament. Problems intended to improve the legislative framework regulating this area.

Providing an important social problem in rural settlements with drinking water was set to solve the Ministry of Industry and Regional Development. It also has to do the implementation of government social housing program, the first stage of which should be the elimination of long-term construction.

Many outstanding issues are in the health care industry. In particular, the Supreme Council, together with the Government will have to find a budget to fund operations abroad, which have not yet carried out in the republic. Particular attention was oncology. Mortality from this disease is increasing. Therefore, the state should provide for the establishment of the medical faculty of PSU oncology departments, a research laboratory and a surgical center. 

Vadim Krasnoselsky considers it necessary to exempt from payment of all taxes and service a small number of surviving veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

No less important tasks were set before the Ministry of Education. One of the defining is providing on-demand business entities specialists of working professions. Particularly light industry needs them.

The joint activity of the Administration of the President and the Supreme Council is seen in the development and adoption of draft laws "On Public Control", "On the Public Chamber", "On Prosecutor's Office" in terms of returning to support functions in the public prosecution courts, the legal regulation of the heads of state election mechanism and destination administrations of cities and districts.