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Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeeva held a reception of citizens. The citizens who faced life's difficulties addressed the parliamentarian. The range of raised issues is broad - it is the citizenship of the PMR, the registration of pensions, the issuance of Soviet deposits, assistance in finding a job.

The deputies of the Sukleia village council Pavel Rapida and Nina Artyushina-Larina came to the reception to the legislator first. People's deputies know about the problems of their village not by hearsay. One of these is the refusal to pay for the removal of garbage from residents who rent housing in the village. The case is not an isolated one, the deputies assure.

The vice-speaker supposes that this problem can be solved at the level of the village council.

Another issue that the deputies of Sukleia asked the legislator concerned the promotion of the chairmen of the house committees.

Galina Antyufeeva informed the citizens that the lawmakers are working to solve this problem. Currently, the Supreme Council is considering a legislative initiative that will resolve the issue of the work of chairmen of house committees. Deputies are aimed at developing the most effective mechanism.

Totally, 12 people came to the reception of the legislator this time. Not a single problem was left without attention of Galina Antyufeeva. Recommendations have been worked out on all appeals with corresponding instructions. The deputy conducts the receptions of citizens regularly in the Supreme Council and in this district. In addition, the people's choice communicates with citizens during trips to the republic. The reception of the deputy is considered by many to be the last instance, where everyone will be listened and helped to understand the problem.