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Important element of interaction


The agenda of the third plenary meeting of the 18th session of the Tiraspol City Council of People's Deputies consisted of several items. The main was the report of representatives of executive authorities on the implementation of the city budget for 2019. It is noted that this year Tiraspol became a non-subsidized city, and this allows us to carry out all the planned work on time. Tiraspol implements state programs, increased funding for municipal institutions. In the city, roads, sidewalks, school grounds and kindergartens are being renovated fairly quickly. Information on planned revenues and expenses for the next year was heard at the meeting. The amount of both income and expenses in 2020 will amount to 329 million rubles. Most of the costs will go to socially protected articles.

The session of the Tiraspol City Council was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Alexander Korshunov. For his part, he noted that the participation of parliamentarians in sessions of city councils is one of the elements of interaction between the highest legislative body and representatives of our citizens at the municipal level.

The Head of the city addressed the speaker of parliament first. The question concerned the percentage splitting of tax deductions of the local budget. According to Oleg Dovgopol, the percentage of income that remains for the needs of the city is too small.

According to Alexander Korshunov, Tiraspol, as the capital, in 2019 received quite serious preferences in a number of areas. This is justified, because the capital should be adequately prepared for the 30th anniversary of our republic and the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Alexander Korshunov informed that now the deputy corps is working to ensure that the budget in zero reading is worked out in May-June. By this time, the main parameters and the main directions of the main financial document should be known.

Particularly Alexander Korshunov noted the fact that in recent years, state funding has been radically different from the previous five-year period. This difference is that all financial resources go through the budget, through the control mechanism. In this regard, the Chairman of the Supreme Council turned to the deputies of Tiraspol with a proposal to pay more attention to the current monitoring of the implementation of state programs.

Upon completion of the session of the local Council, the chairman of the Central Election Commission informed the deputies of Tiraspol about the changes that were made to the election legislation of our republic. This is primarily due to the reduction in the number of deputies, both the Supreme Council and local Councils.