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The second block of measures of state support


During the implementation of the law on measures of state support during the state of emergency, situations arise that were not taken into account in the original version of the document. For example, a number of categories of individual entrepreneurs and business entities were not included in government support measures, although they also incur losses due to a forced stoppage of activity.

The Supreme Council adopted a second package of support measures that are aimed at helping business representatives and citizens.

Today, the deputies put an end to the question of who was entitled to monetary compensation, which categories of individual entrepreneurs whose activities were suspended as a result of the emergency regime.

Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov emphasized that the work was carried out jointly with all state authorities and the PMR President.

Amendments that relate to payments to individual entrepreneurs simplify the procedure for documenting this allowance. If before social security authorities demanded a whole list of documents, now an individual entrepreneur must provide an application with passport data and a current account number at the bank to which the allowance will be received.

The second block of support concerns legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who want to receive financial resources to pay salaries to their employees. The priority is clearly indicated: both the state and business should take all possible actions through joint efforts to preserve jobs as much as possible. The state is ready to finance 50% of the salary payment in the amount of one minimum wage for employees of small enterprises, whose annual turnover is up to 700 thousand.

In addition, the State Reserve Fund will be able to issue interest-free loans for individual entrepreneurs and business entities that belong to the category of microenterprises, to pay salaries or to pay taxes, without collateral. A loan will be issued on guarantee of the founders without the participation of commercial banks, directly from the State Reserve Fund.

1647 rubles per month will be charged per full-time employee of a microenterprise. The total loan amount will be equal to the number of full-time employees multiplied by 1 minimum wage.

The law-in-draft was adopted by the deputies in the final reading and sent for signature to the president.