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The Laws entered into action


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky at the end of the past year signed a series of laws, adopted by deputies of the Supreme Council in the last month of 2018.

The legal basis of the republic was added by the law “On Amendments to the Law “On State Support for Large Families”, adopted by the Parliament and signed by the President. The author is the head of the relevant parliamentary committee Sergey Cheban. The essence of the law that came into force is that when determining the status of a large family, children who are relatives of one of the spouses will be taken into account. This will simplify the procedure for confirming the status of a large family if its members are stepdaughters and stepchildren in order to receive appropriate benefits. In addition, the rights and interests of children who wish to maintain contact with the biological parent as well as his last name.

A number of acts adopted by legislators, subsequently signed by the President are aimed at increasing the level of social security of citizens of the republic. The amendments, in particular, to the Law “On Social Protection of Disabled Persons” will allow non-working able-bodied parents caring for a disabled child under 18 years of age to receive a monthly compensation payment in the amount of 100 MW (estimated minimum wage levels). Taking into account the fact that for these purposes the size of the MW is equal to 9.7 rubles, this amount will be 970 rubles. Previously, the amount of compensation was at the level of 35 MW. There are more than half a thousand recipients of such benefits in PMR.

The amendments that were made to the law "On the social protection of war veterans" provide for free travel by all types of urban transport (except taxi), public transport in rural areas within the administrative district.

Deputies of the Supreme Council amended the norms of the law “On state pension provision for persons serving in the military, serving in the internal affairs bodies, the penitentiary system, the service of bailiffs, tax and customs authorities and their families”. The President Vadim Krasnoselsky signed his updated version and the law came into force. Now long-term service for assigning a pension to military personnel at the rate of two months of study per month of service, but not more than five years, includes the time of their training before entering military service in vocational education organizations in full-time education, in which there were cycles or departments of military training.

The military theme was continued by the amendments to the law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service” voted by deputies. They, in accordance with the law signed by the President, are granted a deferment from the recruitment of graduate students into the army, including for the period of defending a thesis. However, it should not exceed one year after graduation. This rule applies to both state and non-state universities.

Signed by the President the laws related to the economy. The amendments to the law “On some additional government measures aimed at minimizing the negative impact of external economic factors” prescribed: “Monetary funds received by residents and non-residents in foreign currency from the export of electric energy from Pridnestrovie to the period up to December 31, 2019 are subject to mandatory sale foreign currency reserve of the PMR in the amount of 95% of foreign exchange earnings".

Signed by the President The provisions of the law “On Income Tax from Individuals” were also amended. The changes made to it extended until April 1 the legal provision in accordance with which patents are exempt from income tax on income of no more than 50,000 rubles per month paid by a legal entity when it purchases goods from individual entrepreneurs or services.