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Meeting of the President with Deputies of the Slobodzeya district


Roads, neutral plates, street lighting, rural medicine and water supplies. The deputies of the Supreme Council and the City Council for Slobodzeya and Slobodzeya district spoke about this and not only today with the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky. Meetings with the deputy corps in all cities and regions of the republic were initiated by the President to find out what worries Pridnestrovians and what problems need to be helped to solve. Deputies of the Supreme Council from the Slobodzeya region Ivan Nedelkov, Sergey Cheban, Stepan Stepanov, Pavel Shinkaryuk, Igor Yarych and Oleg Vasilaty prepared their questions and proposals.

The problem of maintaining gravel roads at the proper level is again one of the first topics. There are not enough funds from road funds, the local budget and special equipment for grading. Local deputies suggested using natural materials from regional quarries to reduce the cost of work. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that diverting funds from the Road Fund for others is unacceptable. It is necessary at the same time to earn money for roads at the municipal level as well. It is important to use local natural resources to meet domestic needs. The President gave instructions that will help improve control over the implementation of licensing requirements in this sphere.

The state program on drinking water supply will be continued, the President assured the deputies of the city district council in response to a request to pay attention to the lack of a water supply system and generally a drinking source in the village of Staraya Andriyashevka. The problem of low pressure in the water supply network, which significantly reduces the standard of living of people in Chobruchi, was raised by Oleg Vasilaty, Deputy of the Supreme Council for the Pervomaisky constituency. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed the Government to deal with this specific situation and conduct a nationwide monitoring of the pressure level in water pipelines.

There was a problem with an ultrasound examination and the lack of specialists in the clinic in Slobodzeya and the villages of the district, in the last year. The President demanded detailed information on what specialists and equipment are needed.

Deputy of the Supreme Council for the Krasnyansky constituency Sergei Cheban is concerned about the fate of an empty hostel in the village of Krasnoe. The building is collapsing and already poses a real threat. Where to get money for its demolition and how to do it is a question that neither local authorities nor deputies can solve yet. The issue of heating and gasification of the Karagash hostel is almost resolved. The President recommended initiating changes to the Capital Investment Fund for this year.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized at the end of the meeting: the deputies of local councils more often and more need to communicate with the deputies of the Supreme Council and with the leadership of the state administration. Only together we can find a solution to, if not all, but many problems of villages and the region as a whole.

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited objects that are being built and repaired at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund. Right next to the building of the state administration of Slobodzeya and Slobodzeya district, the Park of the newlyweds will appear by the end of summer.


Photo by the Press Service of the PMR President