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Galina Antyufeeva, "Believe, we will overcome all difficulties"


People's deputies continue to travel to the cities of the republic. Actual dialogues with the leadership and voters were held in Bendery, Grigoriopol, Dubossary, Slobodzeya, the turn of the northern capital - Rybnitsa.

 Deputies of the city and district, village Soviets, representatives of the state administration, heads of enterprises, the public were in the hall. There were no restrictions for the discussed topics. Galina Antyufeeva informed about the recent trip of the deputies of the Supreme Council headed by its chairman Alexander Shcherba to Moscow, a round table meeting held in the State Duma held there. The Russians talked about facilitating the adoption of Russian citizenship by Pridnestrovians, continuation of humanitarian assistance projects, as well as financial support for stabilizing the rate of the Pridnestrovian ruble, the transition of Pridnestrovian pensioners to pension provision in Russia (about 4 thousand more people submitted documents for registration) that Will ease the burden on the EHFSS of Pridnestrovie, from which the pension is paid, on health improvement.

Confidential conversation with deputies concerned the most acute social problems - lack of currency, rising prices, unemployment, especially among young people.

Public activists from Rybnitsa, in particular members of the Pridnestrovian Popular Front, whose leader is the head of state, were interested in parliamentarians about the fate of the legislations "On the Public Chamber" and "On Public Control". People's deputies said that after the end of the pre-election campaign, during which the issue of the need to adopt these documents was constantly raised, on behalf of the President, a group of deputies from the responsible committee developed drafts of relevant legislative initiatives. Both legislations have already passed the procedure of the first reading in the Supreme Council. Now the subjects of the law of legislative initiative receive amendments to consider draft documents in the second reading.

In addition to the republic wide problems, during the meeting with the people's deputies, the residents of Rybnitsa raised a lot of local, specific ones. So, many speakers spoke with pain about the need for resuscitation of such enterprises as a dairy plant and a pumping plant. In this regard, Vice Speaker Galina Antyufeeva said that currently the government is actively seeking investors, including from outside the republic. The Supreme Council is ready to improve the legislation in this area in order to increase the investment attractiveness of Pridnestrovie.

It was encouraging for the participants of the almost two-hour meeting to hear the final words of the vice-speaker.