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World child's day


On November 20, 1959, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and in 1989 - the Convention on the Rights of the Child. These two events mark an important milestone in the history of advocacy for the well-being of children around the world.

Our state promotes the physical, intellectual, spiritual and moral development of children, as well as realization of the child's personality in the interests of society.

The Supreme Council adopted a number of laws to support children. The main one is “On basic guarantees of the rights of children in the PMR”. It establishes the fundamental rights and legitimate interests of children, provided for by the Constitution, and the legal and socio-economic conditions for their implementation.

The rights of a child are controlled by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the PMR. In its activities, the ombudsman institution is guided, first of all, by the Convention on the Rights of Children. The Commissioner for Human Rights in the PMR constantly conducts checks, including at the request of Pridnestrovians, in polyclinics, hospitals, kindergartens and schools - how the rights of children to receive benefits, to qualified medical care, to study in schools, upbringing and maintenance in boarding schools are observed and orphanages, as well as to provide social guarantees for orphans and disabled people.

In connection with the celebration of the World Children's Day, deputies of the PMR Supreme Council addressed the residents of the republic.

Deputy Alexander Korshunov is a father of many children (5 children), so he knows firsthand what is important and necessary in order to raise a happy child.

Over the past several years, the state has been renovating schools, kindergartens and institutions of additional education under the Capital Investment Fund program. The work does not stop even in difficult conditions. The program finances the major renovation of buildings and purchases the necessary equipment and school supplies. This year, workbooks for pupils of the 1st - 4th grades were handed over to schools of the republic free of charge. Previously, these notebooks were purchased by the students’ parents. Now the costs are borne by the state. 2 million rubles have been allocated from the republican budget. Pridnestrovian printing houses have printed 78 thousand copies. Despite the difficult situation with the budget, the deputies of the Supreme Council kept such a payment when they revised the expenditure items of the 2020 budget due to the pandemic.

The Supreme Council deputies attach great importance to measures of social support for disabled children and children left without parental care. The state target program is being implemented to provide housing for orphans and children left without parental care. The document was adopted in 2018 and is valid until 2026. Last year, 60 orphans received their own housing at the expense of the republican budget. In 2020, the state will transfer 47 apartments and houses to orphans.

During the pandemic, when schools and kindergartens or canteens do not work, children from privileged categories and children with disabilities receive food packages or monetary compensation for meals. Parents of children attending kindergartens and children with disabilities under 18 years of age during emergency, when kindergartens and schools did not work because of the new coronavirus, the state paid temporary disability benefits.

Support is provided for large families. A group of deputies of the Supreme Council proposed to expand the concept of "large family". Until now, a large family was considered a family that brings up at least three children up to 18 years old, and if they study full-time in colleges, technical schools and universities, then up to 23 years old or until graduation. Now, after the adoption of the initiative by the parliament, families in which a child of I, II or III groups receives education by correspondence will also be considered large. Benefits for large families will remain until the end of their studies or until they turn 23. Large families have benefits for paying utility legislations, receive benefits and compensations, in particular, for school supplies in our republic. This year, 267 first-graders received a one-time allowance of 970 rubles. Parents buy clothes or school supplies with this money.

The state maintains institutions of additional education, supports the activities of various sections and circles, tourist and patriotic organizations that educate children in responsibility, willpower and spirit, creative thinking, develop artistic taste and self-awareness of Pridnestrovians.

Children grow up active and healthy, play areas, sports and playgrounds are being set up throughout the republic. In recent years, outdoor exercise equipment has been installed in cities and regions, by the way, made in Pridnestrovie.