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World table tennis day


The World Table Tennis Day is officially celebrated in the world 6 years. Table tennis clubs for para-athletes have been operating in Tiraspol and Bendery for about 10 years, the Republican School of the Olympic Reserve of Table Tennis in Dubossary for 35 years.

Table tennis is very popular almost all over the world. Table tennis ("ping-pong") appeared more than a century ago, since 1988 - it is Olympic sport. It's quick and easy to start playing table tennis. This is one of the factors that attracts thousands of Pridnestrovians and millions of players around the world to the game.

Table tennis professionals are educated in Pridnestrovie at the Olympic Reserve School, which is located in Dubossary. Elena Mokrousova, Elizaveta Medvetski, Olga Bliznets, Ekaterina Shmyganovskaya are the most titled pupils of the Dubossary table tennis school. They became prize-winners of various international tournaments, including participating in the Youth Olympic Games, World Universiades, World and European Championships. The team of the table tennis school in Dubossary was awarded in 2020 the Order of Labor Glory by the Decree of the President of the PMR for high sports results in the international arena, for the creation of a sports base that meets the highest international requirements.

The Parliament Speaker also plays table tennis. Not as often as professionals, but there are still successes. Weekly training sessions allow participating in city tournaments and even win prizes. The “Equal Opportunities” tournament has been held in Bendery for several years in a row. Para-athletes and representatives of state authorities of our republic compete in the game of table tennis and checkers. The tournament is one of a kind, not only in Pridnestrovie, but also in neighboring countries. It is organized by the Republican Charitable Foundation for the Promotion of Active Rehabilitation and Socialization of Disabled People with Locomotion Disorders "The World of Equal Opportunities". The Head of the fund is Dmitry Kuzuk. The person, who is actually the founder of parasport in Pridnestrovie, helps people with special needs to be full members of society.

Table tennis among para-athletes is cultivated by the Tiras-Rocket club in Tiraspol. Its participants - Dmitry Lavrov, Vitaly Slipchenko, Andrey Moor, Lyudmila Brailova, Svetlana Russu - are multiple participants, prize-winners and winners of international tournaments and championships.

Anyone can become a master of small racket. Table tennis does not require a lot of expensive equipment and uniforms. You get a sports spirit, a charge of vivacity and positive emotions in return.