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Restoration of land reclamation in the spotlight of Parliament


The deputy corps supported proposal of Oleg Leontyev, Chairman of the Committee on the agro-industrial complex, to create a working group to develop a concept for development of the republic's reclamation complex.

Irrigation is becoming an integral part of the cultivation of crops in the face of climate change. A clear concept for development of the industry will make it possible to timely carry out current and overhaul repairs of amelioration networks, purchase equipment and machinery, and determine priorities.

Oleg Vasilaty noted that at the moment there is no "road map" in this direction. In order to develop measures for implementation of state policy in the sphere of restoration of the reclamation industry, a working group was created. It will include deputies of the Supreme Council and representatives of the Government.

It is also necessary to determine the volume of Government management decisions that need to be made for the system to work. Since the restoration of land reclamation is a whole complex of measures, in the implementation of which both the state and agricultural producers and credit organizations will participate.